Winter, winter, winter…

January is upon us once again.  It would have been nice to spend it in a warm log cabin in the woods, knitting by the fireside and sipping earl grey tea, but it was not to be.

Instead I’m working part time to help our household.  I remember the years spent  completely at home, taking care of my family when the children were young.

Now my youngest is twenty!  Where has the time gone?

In the meantime, I have a new found compassion for the woman in the workforce, the single mothers etc. that have to bear such  financial burdens everyday.

Homemaking is for the brave

Homemaking is for the brave…cowards need not attempt!  As the sun rises an echoing call can be heard in the laundry room, ”I await your attention!”. At times it will be a long slow moaning from the kitchen, ”You haven’t cleaned under the fridge since last year!”.  Whatever the call, it never stops, is never satisfied and is never over.  The good news is that it is up to us on ”how” and ”when” we will answer.


Be brave! Be brave! We will never surrender!!